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Sun on your face, wind in your hair and an unimpeded 360 degree view of Alberta’s magnificent and enchanting landscapes that change with each curve in the highway and the crest of every hill—these key components top the list of features supplied to Alberta adventurers by Alberta Badlands Top-Down Tours, an innovative charter and tour service based in Drumheller.

“Today’s travelers are looking for exciting and unique vacation experiences,” said Top-Down Tours founder, Ron Maltin. “My idea offers guests the opportunity to get a full measure of Alberta’s unique geography, natural history and social heritage—without the anxiety  associated with renting a vehicle and navigating unfamiliar territory.”

The Alberta Badlands Top-Down Tours experience begins with the fleet of vehicles that form the base of the company’s concept. “I’ve chosen PT Cruiser convertibles,” said Maltin. “They are one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road today and are designed to carry four passengers in absolute comfort and safety.” Top-Down currently has four PTs in service that can accommodate 12 guests, and plans are in the works to boost the fleet to six by May, 2008.

At the controls of each Cruiser are what Maltin calls “pilot guides,” who all carry chauffeur accreditation as a minimum qualification, not to mention a comprehensive knowledge of the area’s landmarks and history.

“A good pilot guide is one that can relate an insight to the area’s location and history. A great pilot guide knows when to just turn on some music and let Mother Nature do the rest,” Maltin adds.

Another aspect of Top-Down’s appeal is that you will never be seat #9 in a van load of 15. The design of the PT Cruiser convertible allows for interaction between the passengers and pilot in a normal speaking voice. And guests will never be refused a stop for another 'must have' photo opportunity.

The company has a set of basic routes that closely follow day trip suggestions from sources such as Travel Alberta’s Scenic Road Trips and the Canadian Badlands Regional Driving Tours.

Significant landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage sites covered by Top-Down include:

Top-Down is also known for finding ‘the road less travelled.’ Says Maltin, “We’ve unearthed a whole series of hidden gems that aren't featured in any travel guides or highlighted on area road maps. How about a tour through some coal mining ghost towns or a stop in Delia to see the vistas from Mother Mountain Viewpoint?”

Top-Down offers a tour experience that is wide open to accommodate the interests of their guests. For example, combine your Top-Down cruise with a ride on Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions’ steam train out of Stettler. “We're in the process of developing some packages with local hoteliers and restaurants to supply overnight accommodations and full meals,” added Maltin.

The company also offers site specific or single interest private charters that allow guests to create their own itinerary. “There are families who want to visit places where their ancestors settled or hold dear in their memories,” Maltin says. “There’s also the huge WOW factor adding to your wedding, graduation or family reunion—and what a cool way to plan a corporate golf trip or a ladies day out to the spa.”

While the company focuses on road trips in southern Alberta, its operating authority incorporates the entire province of Alberta. Pick-up and return services are available from locations anywhere in the province. Their season runs from May through mid-September—earlier and later when Alberta’s weather permits.

To book your Top-Down experience, get more information on how to “Top-Up Your Alberta Adventure,” secure available dates, take advantage of special packages and receive standard rate quotes visit Alberta Badlands Top-Down Tours.

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